1984-1987 Buick GN / T-Type



WORK Turbochargers is proud to offer only premium turbocharger options for the venerable turbo Buick. It all started in 1994 when WORK owner Reed Patridge bought his 1987 Grand National, which he still owns to this day.  That car is the whole reason Work Turbochargers exists, and we put forth every effort to bring the latest in turbo technology to market for this inspirational platform. Give Reed a call today, and he will be more than happy to help you choose the correct turbocharger for your Buick!

BorgWarner Series



We are proud to say we pioneered the integration of the SX/SXE series of BorgWarner turbochargers  into the Buick platform. With fitments for both the S200 SX/SXE and S300SX/SXE,  WORK has your HP needs covered. Our 57mm unit provides un-paralleled response with 600+HP capability, while our 69mm SXE has proven itself in the 900+ HP category. With 57, 62, 63, 64, 66 and 69mm compressor wheel sizes, there is a unit available for almost every power goal imaginable. Step your Buick up into 2016 technology today! All 100% made in the USA quality

Prices start at $1,050.00

 Garrett GTW Series


WORK offers the latest in compressor technology available from Garrett in the new GTW family,  with fitments for both the 84-85 “hot air” and the 86-87 intercooler cars.  WORK offers these units as stock appearing TA style, TE style and T04S style to suit your performance goals. With 58.3, 62.3 and 67.3mm billet compressor wheels matched to 56.6, 61.9 or 64.6mm turbine wheels, we have HP ratings from 550-900 HP covered.

Prices start at: $1,249.00 for Journal Bearing Units and $1,689.00 for Ball Bearing Units

 WORK Series



The WORK series of turbochargers are our top shelf product for the 84-85 and 86-87 turbo Buick.  We offer machined from solid billet compressor upgrades up to 64mm for the hot air cars,  and up to 76mm for the intercooler models.  These units are built to exacting specifications with premium components capable of providing both uncompromised power paired with exceptional durability.  HP ratings from 550-900+, call us today for your specific WORK Turbocharger!

Prices starting at $750.00

Traditional Units


Looking for a TA-33C?  How about a TE-45A?  If a traditional Buick turbocharger is in your plans, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options!  HP ratings from 450-800+. Popular units include the TA-49, TE-44, TA-60, TE-61, TE-62, TE-45, T70, T72 and T76.  and each of our units is fully hand built with all premium component pieces right here in our facility. We also carry a full line of supporting parts including wastegate actuators, billet inlet bells, pre filters and oil line kits.  Let us know how we can help your Buick run at its full potential!

Prices start at $550.00

Rebuild Services


WORK Turbochargers offers rebuilding solutions for your stock or upgraded turbocharger.  From a TA-49, Turbonetics or Precision we have you covered.  All of our rebuilds receive the same 100% USA made bearings, seals and component parts we put into our WORK units to ensure your turbocharger is going to perform for many years to come.  Every turbocharger will be fully disassembled, cleaned, machined, balanced and assembled in house and comes with a 1 year warranty. We can also upgrade your existing turbocharger, so if you are  help with your Turbo Buick, give us a call today and we will be happy to assist you.   

Prices start at $385.00