WORK S3E-7474


  The Work S3E is the largest upgrade we offer for the venerable S300SXE family of turbochargers.  Featuring a fully 5 axis machined billet 74mm compressor wheel fitted into the BorgWarner compressor housing, the S3E will support an additional 150-200 more HP over the largest 69mm SXE turbocharger.  Coupled with a 74mm turbine, this turbocharger is perfect for a fast responding single, or used in a twin application for small and big blocks alike. Each WORK S3E gets all of our “WORKed” options included as standard issue.   The S3E is rated at 900-1150 HP and comes as a supercore (no turbine housing) to drop right into your existing S300 based turbine housing, or with your choice of many T3/T4 or V-Band exhaust housing options. 


74mm 5 Axis Billet Compressor Wheel
Severe Duty 360° Thrust Bearing
Stagger Gap Turbine Piston Ring
3 Stage Balancing
Fully Blue-Printed Bearing Structure
Updated Oil Circuits
Gloss Black Bearing Housing Coating
Full WORK Warranty and Tech Assistance

WORK S3E Supercore                      $1249.00


BorgWarner .88 VOF, .91 VTF, 1.0 VTF, 1.10 VTF T4 Turbine Housing    +$163.30
WORK Garrett Style .81 or .96 T4 Turbine Housing                                     +$225.00
TiAL Sport 1.03, 1.16 or 1.30 Stainless V-Band Exhaust Housing            +$899.00
Oil Drain Flange, ¾ NPT for -12 or -10 A/N                                                        +$14.95